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. . . to the digital home of the MTB-LIfe Racing Team. In short, we are a Michigan based mountain bike race team that focuses primarily on "endurance" cross country team events. In addition, team members can be found competing in local and regional downhill events. If you would like to learn more about the MTB-Life racing team or would like to become a sponsor, please email us.


August Race Update:

It has been a busy month for the team.


First, the team of Justin Andre, Andy Brown, Nathan Bush and Eddie Dimaguila traveled to Wausau, Wisconsin for the 24 hr. Nationals on August 2nd. They raced in the national class and had a respectable finish in 5th place. A special thanks needs to go out to Norm @ Synergy Broadband for helping out with the additional license fees required to race in the class.

Next up was a local race in Rockford Michigan, at the Pando Ski Resort. The team decided to try something different and did a "solo" race. Rob Elliott, Nathan Bush, Eddie Dimaguila, and Andy Brown all entered their respectable 6 hr. solo class. Nate and Jordan Elliott (Rob's kids), raced the 2 person 6 hr.

Andy = 1st (29 and under)
Nate = 2nd (30-39)
Eddie = 3rd (40-49)
Rob = 7th (30-39)
Nate Elliott & Jordan Elliott = 2nd

Next event will be the Hanson Hills Bike Festival in Grayling Michigan over Labor Day weekend to show off the Soul Cycles and do some bike demos.

Thanks to our sponsors for making this possible: Soul Cycles, WTB, The Rehn Company, Synergy Broadband, Trails-Edge Cycles, E-Load/Bikemine, and FSA.

12 Hours of Ithaca:


The team of Justin Andre, Andy Brown, Nate Bush and Eddie Dimaguila was in action again at the 12 hours of Ithaca July 19th.

Continuing with the winning ways, MTB-Life won the 12 hr - 4 person open class setting a new COURSE RECORD with 33 laps of the 4.7 mile trail. It was a great race with all four riders finding their form and riding consistent laps (within a minute of each other) for the entire 12 hrs.

Ithaca race photos here!

Our next racing action takes us to the 24 Hour Nationals in Wisconsin on August 2nd.

Thanks to our sponsors for making this possible: Soul Cycles, WTB, The Rehn Company, Synergy Broadband, Trails-Edge Cycles, E-Load/Bikemine, and FSA.

Ask how you can help send us to Nationals here!


June Racing Update:


The MTB-Life racing team competed in three different events over the month of June.

Justin Andre finished 6th in the Expert 29 & under class at the Hanson Hills XC race June 1st.  He had a great ride competing in the class on his SINGLE SPEED!
Andy Brown competed in an off-road Triathlon relay with his sister Heather and her husband Trevor called the Stony Creek X-Tri.  The trio competed in the open division racing against several other teams of all men. The trio finished in the top 10 over all and took 2nd in the open division.

The final race of the month was the 8 hours of Cannonsburg on June 21st.  The team of Justin Andre, Andy Brown, Nathan Bush, and Eddie Dimaguila won the 4 person open class putting in another consistent day of riding.  The team is currently in 1st place of the Michigan Endurance Cup series.

Photos from Cannonsburg are in the PHOTOS section.

Next racing action is the 12 hours of Ithaca on July 19th.

12 Hours of Addison Oaks = 1st race & 1st PLACE!


08 team

Saturday, May 17th kicked off the endurance racing season at the 12 hours of Addison Oaks. This was the first stop in the Fun Promotions - Michigan Endurance Cup Series. Nathan, Andy, Justin and Rob started things off right by wining the 4 person open class with 23 laps of the 7 mile course. The new bikes and gear paid off putting down fast and consistent laps for 12 straight hours. It was an exciting finish as the team battled back from a 5 minute deficit with 2 hours of racing left finally finishing on top 3 minutes in front of the 2nd place team.

Photos are in the PHOTOS section.

Next race . . . 8 hours of Cannonsburg in June.


2008 Team Kit




2008 Soul Cycle Hooligans and Dill1nger 29ers


The team has received our new 2008 Soul Cycle Hooligan and Dilinger 29er frames.

The new frames are made from Easton Ultralite tubing with our Pearl White team color.

Go to for more info.

single soul


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